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IOM in Libya

IOM provides a variety of relief assistance to migrants, including the rehabilitation of detention facilities, medical assistance, and humanitarian repatriation.  We also provide human rights training to local staff.

IOM works to warn migrants of the dangers of putting their lives in smuggler's hands.  For migrants stranded in Libya who wish to return home, we offer them the opportunity to do so with IOM's assistance. IOM will soon have a network of way stations and temporary shelters linking the migrant trail from Sénégal to Cameroon to offer migrants similar assistance.

IOM’s assistance to detained migrants in Lybia includes:

Distribution of emergency aid and hygiene kits

IOM provides emergency food rations, hygiene kits which contain soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste, as well as blankets, mattresses and pillows.

Health & Psychosocial Support

IOM medical teams offer treatment and referrals, and support for local health authorities to prevent and treat communicable diseases. Additionally, we improve living, health and sanitary conditions in detention centers, including disinfection and fumigation.

Rescue at Sea & Immediate Assistance to Migrants

Migrants rescued from the Mediterranean Sea are medically screened and referred for immediate assistance.  We inform migrants about the Humanitarian Repatriation and Reintegration program, which supports returns to countries of origin, and provide training, infrastructure and equipment to the Libyan Coast Guard at three points of disembarkation in Libya.

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