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IOM in Syria

As the civil war has raged on, more and more Syrians have been forced to leave their homes abruptly, unable to take with them the simple things that we take for granted. Clothing, valuables, food, water, pets and more are left behind. After a long, tiresome journey and upon temporarily placement in a shelter or refugee camp, IOM is there to distribute basic material goods and food to people in need.

Examples include IOM’s distribution of shoes to refugees living in Azraq camp in Jordan, and the delivery of hundreds of tents and 10,000 jerry cans to Syrian refugees in Iraq.  IOM Iraq distributed water filters, rechargeable lights, cooking stoves, gas cylinders, blankets and pillows to Syrian families who had fled to Northern Iraq’s Domiz camp, where IOM and UNHCR worked together to build a 21,000-liter water tank that would be accessible to the camp residents.

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