National Hispanic Heritage Month 2021

National Hispanic Heritage Month 2021 


In honor of National Hispanic Heritage Month, USA for IOM would like to acknowledge two philanthropic organizations with an unwavering eye on financing long-term results and building leadership within Hispanic and Latino communities in the U.S and abroad. 

Citi Foundation, our long-standing partner, has been supporting us to empowering Venezuelan migrants and host communities with entrepreneurship skills, start-up support, and job placement so that entrepreneurs can access sustainable income sources.  

As a leader in US corporate philanthropy, Citi Foundation is setting the standard for private sector engagement and philanthropy in Latin America’s largest displacement crisis in modern history. 

 In the summer of 2021, USA for IOM partnered with Concordia for a live conversation on the  Role of Philanthropy in Humanitarian Response, we were honored to have as one of our three speakers, Hilda Vega from Hispanics in Philanthropy.  

She shared the importance of having more Latinos involved in philanthropy decision-making and serving in leader positions.  This representation is vital to ensuring that funds are allocated in a way that serves the Latinx communities. 

The face of America is more diverse than ever, with nearly one in five people in the U.S. identifying as Hispanic or Latino.   

This community embodies the best of the American values, including family, service, community, and this is evident through their leadership and involvement in the philanthropic sector.