“We must and can work together to ensure safety and dignity for all”

-William L. Swing, Former IOM Director General

Economic desperation, and dangerous journeys through irregular channels increase migrants’ vulnerability to human trafficking. The risks are even more serious for migrating women and children. 

Many are trafficked for the purposes of sexual or labor exploitation.  

60% of victims of trafficking were migrants, between 2012 and 2014 were migrants (UNODC). 

Many are trafficked for the purposes of sexual or labor exploitation. 

25% of forced labor victims are migrant.

74% of whom are victims of sexual exploitation (IOM, ILO and The Walk Free Foundation, 2017)

Our approach

IOM provides protection and assistance to victims of trafficking to protect their freedom and give them a chance at a new life. 

IOM’s assistance can include safe accommodation, medical and psychosocial support, and assisted voluntary return and reintegration. 

USA for IOM’s Initiatives

Assisting Vulnerable Migrants


“Without timely, quality assistance, vulnerable migrants can be left unable to recover from dangerous and exploitative circumstances and may face continued rights violations, re-trafficking, and/or permanent mental and physical hardships. GAF exists to ensure that no identified vulnerable migrant is left unattended” -GAF Project Manager

IOM’s Global Assistance Fund (GAF) offers sustainable, personalized, immediate protection and comprehensive, direct assistance packages to migrants across the world. This includes migrants vulnerable to, or who have experienced, violence, exploitation, and abuse, such as victims of trafficking, unaccompanied or separated migrant children, and migrants in extreme psychological and physical distress.