The current global estimate is that there were around 281 million international migrants in the world in 2020, which equates to 3.6 per cent of the global population.” Many were displaced by conflict, poverty, natural disasters, and climate change. 

But still, humanitarian responses to migration crises are largely underfunded.  

There is an urgent need for partners across sectors to come together to strengthen UN operations and ensure no refugee or migrant is left behind. 

The lasting impact of your support:

IOM can rapidly respond to emerging global migration crises

Our foundation partners directly support the work of UN Migration in the field. Their generosity is indispensable to IOM’s ability to implement development initiatives and respond to crises with agility.

Catalyze further cross-sector partnerships by raising awareness about migration issues

USA for IOM brings visibility to IOM’s work and provides nonpartisan, fact-based information about the challenges facing migrants. In doing so, we catalyze collaboration across sectors and bring sustainable investment for humanitarian and development initiatives. Raising awareness is the first step to forging crucial cross-sector partnerships.